Arnab Nandy

Born in Konnagar, a Kolkata suburb, Arnab first got published in 2004 in The Statesman Voices, a school students’ supplement. He has since written for Hindustan Times, The Telegraph and several other publications including the Bengali women’s magazine Sananda. Arnab is now a journalist with The Telegraph, where he primarily edits news stories and sometimes writes on travel.


The author pieces together factual nuggets of art history with fiction in a story which spans continents, cultures and time, hopping from one mystery and clue at the turn of every few pages.

~Business Standard



~The Indian Express


Those keen on art and history would find this book an entertaining read.

~ Hindustan Times


I read it in one go in just six hours, which I usually don’t do. If I say, “I enjoyed the book”, it will be understatement. Thanks a lot for giving us the pleasure.



Arnab weaves his story with a strong Kolkata connection, where the reader wishes to believe that the lost painting is here, in Kolkata, very near his/her own place, where s/he hangs around, amidst the very reality of their day-to-day dwelling. And that is the beauty of the book, especially when the reader happens to be from Kolkata.

~ Rupsa


Thrilling and well-written.